Franchise Facts

Everywhere you look today, you see FRANCHISES! In fact, financial experts have indicated that franchising is the “wave of the future”. In the next 10 years, franchising could comprise over 50% of the retail economy and employ millions of people. This growth should be anticipated based on the simple logic of the underlying concept. Franchising offers success, with the least amount of risk, to aspiring business owners. Franchises will enable hundreds of thousands of new business owners realize the dream of successful business ownership and financial independence.

What is stopping you? Are you like many other people and simply don’t know where to start? Are you asking yourself the following questions? I want to start a business, but I don’t know what kind? There are over 1500 franchises available, which is the right one for me? I don’t have any experience in running my own business; can I get the training?

  • Can I get support after I get my business started? How much investment will I need?
  • Can I finance any of my investment?
  • Do I need to operate the business or can I hire someone to run it for me?
  • Can I open more that one unit?

The questions are endless, and that is where Fran BIZ Consulting can help you. We help you answer the above and many more questions. Our role is to help you analyze your lifestyle, financial and business requirements, and then help you focus in a few opportunities that best fit them. Then, we will help you present your qualifications to the franchises that you have an interest. With our vast knowledge of franchising, we will help you choose the franchise the best for you and your family.

Fran BIZ Consulting does not charge you for its services. There is absolutely no obligation that you buy a franchise that we present to you. After going through the evaluation and qualification process together, we will present you as a qualified prospective buyer to the franchises that you have chosen. If you purchase one of these franchises, the franchisor will pay us for finding a qualified buyer. Federal Trade Commission law dictates that the franchisor must charge you the same whether you go through us or directly to them.

There are other reasons you should utilize the services of Fran BIZ Consulting instead of going direct to the franchisor. The Fran BIZ Consulting Consultants will educate you in the intricacies of franchising.

The franchisor will tell you the advantages of their franchise, but the Fran BIZ Consulting Consultant will also identify any disadvantages that should be considered. The franchisor will tell you how great their franchise is, but the Fran BIZ Consulting Consultant will help you gain a balanced and objective view of the franchisor’s quality and opportunity. Franchise business opportunities include various forms of business models:

Part-time, fulltime or part-time, growing into fulltime. Home-based or brick-and-mortar. Retail, service, business-to-business, sales, consulting and more. Owner-operator or investor.

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